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The Nucleus Team

What is the Patient Education Reference Library (PERL)?

For OB/GYN health care professionals, the Patient Education Reference Library is a web site where you may download free educational illustrations, animations and informational handouts. Patients may view any of the content on the Patient Education Reference Library, but may not download non-watermarked images. The images may only be used for educational, non-commercial purposes such as patient education and professional presentations. This web site is wholly sponsored by Acella Pharmaceuticals, LLC.

How may I get a password to download the non-watermarked illustrations and animations?

If you are an OB/GYN health care professional, you may request a password to download illustrations and animations from this site by clicking here.

Request Password

If you already have a login and password, but are having difficulty using this web site, please contact Nucleus Medical Media at:

In your email provide the name of the physician, phone number, email address and login and password that was provided to you.

What are my usage rights for the content?

The PERL Educational Usage Agreement permits healthcare professionals and their patients to use the images for educational, non-commercial purposes only, such as printed patient education materials, or viewing the content online at the PERL web site hosted by Nucleus Medical Art. You may not publish the images on a public web site, or use them for promotion, marketing or sales.

How do I locate illustrations, animations and patient handouts on specific medical topics?

On the left hand side of the page, click one of the category headings to see relevant content related to your search. If you cannot find the content you are looking for, please send us a request at stating what you are looking for, the content will be considered as an addition to a future version of this site.

How do health care professionals use this web site?

You may use this web site as a patient education resource in your practice by displaying the content electronically (e.g. on a computer in a waiting room or exam room, on a handheld PDA, or cell phone), or tangibly, in the form of printouts. The site is accessible from any Internet-connected device supporting a web browser, including mobile computers. The Nucleus Team

What types of content are available?

This website contains hundreds of items, including full-color medical illustrations, medical animations and patient education articles.

In what file formats are the images and animations available?

1. Downloadable images are available in two formats:

  • JPG and PDF files

2. Downloadable animations are available in two formats:

  • QuickTime and Windows Media Viewer

May I email non-watermarked images, animations, or video files?

No, due to copyright infringement rules, non-watermarked images, animations, or video files cannot be emailed. However, by clicking on 'share this image', you may forward a link to a non-watermarked image as a 'Patient Education Rx'.

What devices can I use to display the Patient Education Reference Library (PERL)?

The PERL may be displayed on any device with a web connection and browser software, including wireless devices such as clipboard computers and PDAs.

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