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Who is Nucleus Medical Media?

Founded in 1996, Nucleus Medical Media is a leading creator and publisher of online medical illustrations, medical animations, interactive media, and educational material for patient, consumer and professional education. Its customers include publishers, health care web sites, medical institutions, pharmaceutical companies, attorneys and health care professionals. Nucleus employs a talented team of 30 professionals, including medical illustrators, animators, programmers, graphic designers and project managers. The company's illustrators and animators hold graduate-level degrees from The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, The Medical College of Georgia, The Rochester Institute of Technology, The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center and The University of Toronto. Nucleus is one of the largest employers of medical illustrators in the world.

Where have I seen these images and animations before?

Nucleus Medical Media is the most popularly referenced resource for medical illustrations and animations on the web based on rankings from, a division of The company's images are seen online by millions of people daily on Yahoo!,, WebMD, HONmedia, Discovery Health, Healthwise and thousands of web sites, books, periodicals, posters, and videos, the Doe Report and hundreds of other web sites, newspapers, broadcasts, books, posters and other media. Cumulatively, commercial clients spend millions of dollars annually to license Nucleus Medical Media's content.

What are your quality control procedures for medical accuracy?

1. All new content is initially created by experienced, highly educated medical illustrators/animators receiving graduate or undergraduate degrees from one of the following schools: The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, The Medical College of Georgia, The Rochester Institute of Technology, The University of Toronto, or The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. Each institutional program includes a rigorous core curriculum of anatomy, physiology, histology, embryology, and other life science courses combined with visual communications instruction and surgical observation.

2. All new content is peer-reviewed by the Nucleus Internal Review Committee, comprised of our most experienced medical illustrators and animators.

3. All new content is given a final review by Medical Subject Experts, either a physician or Ph.D., prior to its publication.