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Original Database Concept and User Interface Design
Ronald L. Collins
Medical Illustrations and Medical Animations
Brian F. Wilson, Hoc Kho, Michael Collins, Alice Meredith Phillips, Thomas Brown, Stephen Boyd, Nobles Green, Mary Beth Clough, Kelvin Li, Shannon Bean, Myrna Caban, Leslie Leonard, Erin Frederikson, Meredith Boyter, Katelyn Snell, Damian Williamson, Eric Small, Michael Gleason, Walid Aziz, Elizabeth McDonald, Ed Stewart, Josh Bird, Nadav Kupiek, Gabriel Rudow, Alice MacGregor Harvey, Sarah Duff, Tim Fitzgerald, Nathan Devery, Katie Dale, Aaron Van Noy, Zach Kevorkian, James Archer, Meredith York, James Perkins, David Rosenberg, Jessica Buchman Kho, Dara Landsberg, Susan Gilbert, Ian Kincaid, Paul Chason, Bill Blakesley, Sue Snape, Ben Broome, Keith A. Pavlik, and Ronald L. Collins
Product Management
Dominique Joseph, Margaret Harrison, Ed Stewart, Luis Uribe, John Staniforth, Cody Hancock, Nick Aliffi, Carolyn Lyden, and Heather Siler
Implementation and Database Development
Michael Shambaugh, Duane Comeaux, Todd Blumenthal, Travis Green, Will O'Rourke, Fred Stroud, Cameron McCleary, Ray Kasel, Andrew Forth, Joshua E Cook, Gilberto Lawas, Robert Persaud, Josh Hoover, and Molly Hoard
Graphic Design and Logos
Bill Blount, Brindley Faile, Shannol Grant, Mark Damiano, Scott Cathey, Robert Cobucci, Meredith Boyter, Jason Snape, and Christopher Hatton