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The Nucleus Team

What are PERL channels?

Health Animation channels are individual web sites focused on specific medical specialties (OB/GYN, cardiology, orthopedics, etc.) and disease topics (cancer, diabetes, neuropathy, etc.) where you may view educational illustrations, animations and informational handouts.

How do I locate illustrations, animations and patient handouts on specific medical topics?

On the left hand side of the page, click one of the category headings to see relevant content related to your search. If you cannot find the content you are looking for, please fill out our Content Request form stating what you are looking for, the content will be considered as an addition to a future version of this site.

What are my usage rights for the Orthopedics Health Animations content?

If you are using the web site at, or under the license of, a college, university, school, public library, general corporation, or hospital, you may only use the images for educational, non-commercial projects. You may not publish the images on a public web site, or use them for promotion, marketing or sales. For more examples of restrictions, please read the full agreement

What types of content are available?

This website contains hundreds of items, including full-color medical illustrations, medical animations and patient education articles.

What devices can I use to display the PERL channels?

Any PERL channel may be displayed on any device with a web connection and browser software, including wireless devices such as clipboard computers and PDAs.

How do I obtain a login to the PERL Pregnancy Channel ?

Click here to request a PERL Pregnancy Channel Login